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:: Financial Profile ::

PAMC (P) Ltd Company is worth 4 Crores.

    • Of which contributions from share holders is 33% investment from Bankers is 33% and investment through unsecured loans is 33%.
    • Most of the share holders are leading practitioners around Madurai and experienced Consultants of Madurai.
    • The Company has declared tax paid dividend to all share holders in its first year of operation itself, which no other hospital as a Limited Company has ever done before.
    • The Company has declared 7% tax paid dividend to its share holders in 2nd year of operation ended 31st March 2004.
    • The Company has projected to pay tax paid dividend of 10% in the forth coming year ending March 2005.
    • Within its two years of operation it has been upgraded to grade – I from Grade III financial status by its Bankers.
    • It Proposes to go Public during the fourth year of operation after April 2005.

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